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    Do you ship internationally?
    We do ship internationally!

    Is this tax deductible?
    Purchases made from the Omaze Store are not tax deductible.

    Where will the money go?
    Net proceeds will be distributed among over 50 of our nonprofit partners that we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past three years.

    Can I gift an item to someone else?
    If you’re buying something for a loved one, you can enter their shipping address so the order will go straight to them. Please note that there’s no available “gift wrap” option.

    Do signed items come with a certificate of authenticity?
    We can’t guarantee that you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity with your signed item.

    Can I use my Omaze promo codes?
    Only promo codes that are specific to the Omaze Store can be used in the store.

    If something is sold out, can I waitlist?
    Something flying off the digital shelves? Due to the exclusivity of many of these products, we don’t offer an option to waitlist. We hope you find something in stock that you’ll love!